The Story of Victor Valdes - Where Did It All Go Wrong?

What exactly happened to Victor Valdes? Where did it all go wrong and where did there start to be some kind of downfall?

The Manchester United goalkeeper seemed to be on top of his game for quite some time but after a while, there was a slight downfall and this downfall kept barreling downhill at rapid speeds until it eventually lead to the complete demise of Victor Valdes. So what exactly happened and is there any chance of recovery?

Victor Valdes is no stranger to the game, especially for Manchester United. He’s actually a three time Champions League champion. When he first arrived in Manchester United, he had the intention of succeeding David De Gea, but it wasn’t to be.

On the personal opinion, Valdes shouldn’t be feeling any kind of blues. He is still living the dream, and he even has extra time to check out the latest StanJames Grand National odds if he fancies having a bet.

It was reported that Valdes could have earned a really cool 3 million pounds from the gig he had at Manchester United. While everything may seem fine, Valdes describes his time at Manchester United as a nightmare and what’s funny to most football players is what he considers a nightmare is an absolute dream for other players who wish to join the highly esteemed ranks of Manchester United.

In September of 2015, the 34 year old player tried to leave. Instead, plans have changed and Valdes joined the Belgian Pro League’s club that’s ranked number seven this month instead. Why did he do this? What were his motives and what exactly happened to the player to take such a drastic cut? Van Gaal however, his boss, had not forgiven him or his disobedience to the club and he publicly stated his frustrations towards the player.

So what’s next to Valdes and will he remain where he’s currently at? Will he continue to play? We'll wait and see...